About Us

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Our mission is to teach children values such as respect of self and others, honesty, forgiveness, and appreciation for learning in order to develop a positive self esteem and to enhance their social, emotional and cognitive development. We take the care and well being of each child in our care seriously. Their safety is our primary concern, followed by providing each child with love and the nurturing that all children need. Please consider us a loving extension of your family.


All teachers at the Duncan Academy are trained by the Duncan Academy. We require our teachers to take CPR and first-aid training as well as obtain 12 training hours per year in the child development or education field. This establishes consistent classroom experiences and safety guidelines throughout the school.

Our schools currently use the Jolly Phonics early elementary reading program for curriculum. You can learn more about Jolly Phonics here. We also use material from Handwriting Without Tears and My Teaching Partner-Math and Science Materials.

Our first preference for behavior modification is the Love and Logic Curriculum. If behavior modification using Love and Logic does not work, we will try other methods that emphasize love and compassion towards your child. To learn more about Love and Logic, click here.